The Top Interior Design Trends Of 2017 / by Maddy Carter

From statement pieces to unusual colors, we asked numerous designers their thoughts on the looks that have defined 2017 so far.

Royal Colors

Just as expected, 2017 brought bold and bright colors into our homes. With the all-white trend slowly fading out, everything from midnight blue to mauve purple, and even a bold emerald green turned heads and captured the hearts of designers this year. We suspect that this trend will be sticking around for quite a while. Expect to see rich colors gracing all of your Pinterests boards from early fall into late winter, whether it is painted walls or a statement couch, we are in love.

Matte Black Accessories

As sleek and contemporary designs continue to rule the industry, matte black accessories are ready to make their debut. This trend has been showing up on furniture, fixtures, and ceramics all over the house. A gorgeous way to create a striking contrast with metallics, matte is the new black. This trend is making a huge impact on the fenestration industry as we see matte black finishes on frames and hardware.

Smart Home Features

Whether it is fridges, televisions or lighting, tech is becoming an integral component of the home. Take Griffens Smart Toaster as an example, now you can unleash unlimited control over your poppy seed bagel all from the touch of your i-phone, receive notifications in the two minutes you step away while your bread is being toasted. Never again will you burn a slice of bread while watching that all so important cat video on your phone!

Terracotta Makes A Comeback

Terracotta has a long and rich history, taking a number of forms since its discovery including sculpture, pottery, paint and building materials. Its orange and red tones are making a popular return just in time for to match the senescence of the leaves outside. The 14th-century clay will be used to create a warm and relaxing ambiance throughout the main entertaining spaces such as kitchens and dining rooms.


As we continue to become more eco-friendly, recycled materials such as cork will appear on homeware accessories decorations and cutlery. The soft industrial aesthetic will complement the return of warmer color schemes.