Meet Jeff Gertler Of Gertler & Wente Architects / by Maddy Carter

Jeffrey Gertler opened the doors of Gertler & Wente Architects in 1985. After 32 amazing years in business we sat down with Jeff to pick his brain about life as a partner in a thriving New York City architectural firm...

Describe a typical day for you at G&W?

Everyday is different, but over the course of a week I will typically cultivate opportunities to bring new work into the office, figure out ways to improve office quality and efficiency, work with various teams on design, resolve with our clients, staff etc , draft proposals, RFP's and hopefully contracts. On top of all that I also conduct staff reviews and interview prospective employees. And I can honestly say, I love every minute of it.

How did you get into the Architecture industry?

I was half way through Civil Engineering school when I found myself longing for an opportunity to express my creative side, I decided to complete my degree and return to study Architecture. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What aspect of your being Partner at your own firm do you enjoy the most?

Working with staff and clients - developing ideas for the project, which could be design ideas or real estate and management issues. I thrive at problem solving in general.

Describe your architectural style.

Modern - whenever possible.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Everyday life, magazines, objects, conversation, nature.

Tell us one project that you are really proud of?

Hmm - there are so many, but if I had to name just one, Ditmas Rehabilitation Center.

What would you consider to be the unique opportunities that you face working as an architect in New York City?

Competition and the incredible pace clients expect you to produce high quality work - and a lot of it.

What is your favorite thing about working in the big apple?

The amount of talented people that work here.

Where is your favorite place in New York City?

The Hudson River - without a doubt.

What advice would you give to a young architect who is currently trying to make it in the industry?

Work with good people who care about you and mentor you, the rest will fall into place.