West 79th Street
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 The point of departure for this design was to combine two one-bedroom apartments into one smooth flowing space. Gertler & Wente Architects created a modernist solution contrasting materials such as wenge stained custom woodwork and natural blonde bamboo floors against existing elements. The designers relinquished standard fixed-millwork, opting for a more adaptable theme: movable, collapsible, fold-able, and hidable. The apartment is filled with whimsical spatial subtleties as useful and original as they are simple. Copper-colored opaque curtain acts as both backdrop and divide for the kitchen for more formal dining. Other touches include a “flying bed” which – at the touch of a button - climbs behind the entertainment center, a false wall in the living room that hides guest closets and a washer dryer, a large walk-in closet with hidden storage for belts and ties and multi-use “storage pockets” in both the kitchen and the master bath.