Ulster Park
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Set within a 200+ acre water park near the Hudson River, this house was designed to capture south and western views of various spring-fed interconnecting ponds and their surrounding mature gardens filled with native grasses, perennials, and specimen trees. The discreet entry is housed in a stone cube (quarried from the site), which leads to an open plan of living, dining, kitchen, sun room, and studio spaces. The Master Bedroom suite is housed in its own wing facing south and east toward a dramatic waterfall feeding the primary pond. Gertler and Wente Architects was responsible for the architecture as well as the garden design surrounding the house. The owner’s extensive art collection was carefully designed into the residence as was the art and landscape lighting.

Materials include wide-plank rift-cut oak floors, plaster walls, and full-slab bathrooms. Heating and cooling mechanical are generated through a geo-thermal field and geo-thermal pumps.

Photography by Elliott Kaufman