247 Driggs Avenue
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To emphasize the unique nature of the obtuse angled corner between Driggs Avenue and Graham Street, the building was designed to sit at a right angle to Graham Street.   A distinctive triangular planted space is created along the length of the building along Driggs Avenue, terminating in front of the ground floor residential unit and complementing the garden in the rear of the unit. To break up the apparent length of the building and further highlight the corner, we differentiated the first 15 feet of the building along Driggs Avenue with larger windows and selected an off white ceramic tile to contrast the dark brick, which skins the balance of the building.  The inclusion of natural light and outdoor space into the units was central to the design.  Expansive windows allow generous amounts of natural light into the shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. Of the twenty one units, nine units have balconies adjacent to their living rooms and three have large terrace/gardens.  All units share a sculptured garden on the roof, which has outstanding views of Manhattan.