1301 Connecticut Avenue
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   Even for a relatively small lobby, 1301 Connecticut Avenue still should have had an impressive presence. Recognizing its potential, Gertler & Wente removed a dropped ceiling, rerouting ducts and pipes along the way, and demolished built-out walls to expose clerestory windows. Two opposing, full height 14’ walls of narrowly spaced 2” Mobai wood columns – back and front lit from top to bottom – create a sculptural wall element that’s both accentuated and silhouetted A minimal desk of the same wood and textured glass sits in front of one of the wood walls, while, across from newly refurbished elevators, a sculpture of Mobai wood set at various depths with an oiled mill scale steel frame protects the wall. Brush stroked Venetian plaster was applied to walls and a new exterior glass storefront was installed to minimize sightlines.   Photography by Mary Parker