Rutgers University W.M. Keck Center For Collaborative Neuroscience
9747BH - Plan.jpg

The architecture of the center reflects the collaborative nature of the work done inside the facility, which was designed as an educational center for the scientific community and industry. The Keck Neuroscience Center is a convergence point for over 60 laboratories worldwide, and is 100% accessible to the disabled. The facilities include protein and tissue analysis, three-dimensional immunohistology and axon tracing, a confocal microscope, and an animal surgery and treatment space. It is one of the leading centers for spinal cord research in the world. Researchers work face-to-face to stimulate discussion at each of the custom-designed lab islands. The Center’s design helps facilitate interaction and collaboration between doctors and technicians, as well as spinal injury patients and the public. Much of the research in this lab involves collaborations that cross departmental, university, state, and national boundaries. For this reason, the center’s communication systems are state-of-the-art and include a conference facility with Reeltime Audio and visual interactive technology. A few years after completing the first phase of the project, the Center expanded in size and asked Gertler & Wente to renovate the second phase.

*The Laboratory was designed in a joint venture with DBCC Architects*

Photography by Elliott Kaufman