astoria, NY


An open steel stair winds around a glowing glass DJ booth and leads to the mezzanine VIP bar. 


The design of World Bar transformed a neglected tire warehouse into the new neighborhood hotspot. The bar is a quick subway ride from Manhattan and hosts a steady influx of visitors to this mostly Greek neighborhood. At night, dramatic outdoor lighting attracts curiosity seekers from the adjacent elevated subway.

Gertler & Wente Architects used the existing industrial components of the space to their advantage, reinventing them with industrial-chic flare. The design exposes the steel structure of the 3,500 square foot building and fuses vivid colors with dynamic lighting to energize the space. The design’s focal point is a soaring floor-to-ceiling elliptical volume. Clad with wood slats and internal lights, this monumental element announces the bar area. The stage, kitchen, and auxiliary spaces are concealed in the periphery of the main space