Women's Center, CUMC
 The programmable space of 7,500 SF at Columbia University Medical Center Women’s Fertility Center is comprised of two basic parts.  The first part consists of patient weekly Testing & Visits. This area is comprised of the main waiting/reception area, 3 chair Blood Draw room, 6 exam rooms, 8 MD/Consult Offices, a large Staff Work room, and 2 male patient sample collections rooms. MD/Consult room that line the exterior window wall are finished with floor to ceiling glass interior partitions to allow the filtering of natural daylight into the interior corridors. Privacy is then maintained by the application of lightly fading privacy film onto the glass. The second part consists of the Procedure & Lab. This area is comprised of the main 250 SF procedure room, 4 patient Recovery Room and the adjacent Andrology, Media Prep and Cryogenic storage work rooms. GW worked side by side with CUMC’s lab consultants to maintain the most stringent of pressurization and sterility requirements. In addition, the main lab is fully fit out with Tri Gas, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Emergency Power for specimen incubators, micro manipulation stations and multiple work hoods.  In addition, there is a cryogenic storage rooms where samples are frozen via liquid nitrogen supply. Coordination across all disciplines was critical for maintaining safety factors. The main waiting area is accentuated with a variety of seating arrangements, with patterned fabrics, porcelain tiles and natural wood look vinyl flooring and natural wood look wall panels to promote rising hospitality finish trends in healthcare environments.     Photography by Joan Tsen

New York, NY