181st Street Ambulatory Care Network
01071M - Photo Int02PHTSHP.jpg

New York, NY

The project called for a complete retrofit of an abandoned office space, located over a New York City subway station, into a full-service healthcare facility. This primary care center provides pediatrics, internal medicine, OB/GYN, and social work services to the local community.

The bands of bright blue and red in the building’s façade echo the accents in the neighboring buildings and in those found throughout the surrounding neighborhood. The horizontal datum in the façade is subtly referred to inside the building, as is the use of color, which was a central theme in the interior design: vibrant primary colors were chosen to appeal to young patients in the first floor Pediatrics Department while a more sophisticated palette of earth tones was chosen for the second floor.

Natural light is also an integral aspect of the design. The frosted channel glass entrance allows abundant light into the lobby and waiting room, while providing waiting patients with privacy and security. A series of large skylights fill the second floor circulation spaces with light, creating a warm environment for the visitor.

Photography by Julian Olivas