York College, College Of Nursing
08053 - York Presentation Plan - 1st floor.jpg

York College, of The City University of New York school system, needed to renovate their expanding College of Nursing facility. Because no single room, or contiguous area, could sufficiently house all 20 beds required for their nursing lab, two distinct labs, of 11 and 9 beds, were created. While they share very similar layouts, they enjoy a different design aesthetic. Each bed has its own headwall and mock medical gas compressed air canisters. Nursing stations and learning/conference table areas are included in each room. A third lab, a maternal/child unit, has basinets, cribs, warming tables and its own nursing stations. It also has a distinct observation/control room between a mock birthing room and a Sim-Man Teaching Room, which operates a simulation patient. In the lower level, there is a 20-student smart classroom with a smart board, 8 person computer station, and a mock bathroom for teaching purposes. Also there is a Computer Lab, with a smart board and 29 computer stations. Both rooms have low ceilings with lower beams and pipes, so G&W created floating ceilings that conceal the infrastructure while allow the perimeter of each room to provide openness.

Photography by John Bartelstone