Rutgers University Smith Hall
100216_b_wo projector.jpg
 The Newark Campus of Rutgers University needed to renovate its 250 seat Smith Hall to have another first class lecture hall. The full renovation required new flooring, seating, wall/acoustic systems, ceiling and lighting, and state-of-the-art AV equipment. Used mainly for science lectures, it also needed to be flexible in order to accommodate other types of lectures. In addition to a 20’ wide screen and video projector, Gertler & Wente Architects designed the inclusion of two flatscreen TV’s that could display the Periodic Table during chemistry class but have maps displayed during a geography lecture. A series of rolling (one on top of each other) 20’ wide chalk boards and white boards provide different lecturers their choice. G&W specified a Rulon acoustic zebra-wood 4’-0” high panel system, with fabric panels above, to ensure proper sound control. The dimmable lighting system provides an array of presets allowing for multiple lecture possibilities.   Photography by Ty Cole

New Brunswick, NJ