Bolivar, Bar & Restaurant
New york, NY

The bar at the entryway remains impressive, yet intimate. Everything is so beautifully lit - backlit, overlit, underlit, and, during the day, skylit.
— Tom Steele, Dining Out

Gertler & Wente Architects was hired to transform the classic Upper East Side dining establishment, Arizona 206 into Bolivar, a new restaurant serving Pan-American cuisine.  The handsome, graceful, cave-like space and its adjoining dining room were stripped down to their bare elements of plaster and wood.  Crisp rigid elements including glass shelving, stone and tile flooring and a new slate and steel bar were then added to create a cleaner, lighter feeling to the spaces.  New wall sconces, track lighting and pendant mounted light fixtures were added to highlight the tables, food and collection of Peruvian artwork.  Also included in the project were food storage facilities and two new kitchens.