David Donahue Showroom

New York, NY

The spectacular backdrop for the new 14,000 sf David Donahue Showroom - an abundance of natural light and 360 degrees of spectacular views of NYC - is made available by occupying the 32nd floor of a mid-town Manhattan high rise office building.  Aware of the inherent contradiction of wanting an open office environment but also needing to discreetly separate different buyers from each during Market Week, and make each group feel special, we separated individual showrooms with custom wood clothing display units, and floated them between glass walls.  Along the corridor, we employed continuous glass walls and sliding glass doors to allow light to penetrate deep into the showroom.

The reception area merges with the lounge area by collapsing a 16 foot long series of glass doors and thus creating one large gathering area during buyer’s week.  The designers work space is accentuated by a 24’ long table, typically filled with sketches and fabrics, which runs parallel to continuous eastern facing windows.  All sensitive spaces have motorized solar-veil window shades that successfully allow them to take advantage of the natural light sometimes and control it other times.